Recently a good friend and former colleague sent me an article that put a little twist on the Topic: Achieving Results by Maintaining Focus. The link to that article titled Woodpeckers and Peacocks written and posted by Philip Beyer can be found here:

Upon finishing the article, it occurred to me that this simple story was a metaphor for something that I encounter when assisting my clients with EOS implementation.

Simply stated, it’s the power of focus. As we say in the EOS world, the sun gives off billions of watts of energy every day, but the worst that will happen if you spend too much time outside is that you’ll get a little sunburn. However, take a small fraction of that energy and focus it on a very precise spot, and you can cut through diamonds.

Focus is the key. Focus helps us avoid what we call the “shiny things”, the distractions that when accumulated inside an organization will lead to poor results. Our EOS tools are all designed to provide owners and their Leadership Teams with clarity and focus inside a system designed to achieve your definition of success.

At EOS, we believe that all great companies understand and have mastered the discipline of choosing a single system that brings clarity and focus to their business. We believe EOS is the best system. The most important thing however, is to recognize this fact and make your choice.

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