One of the Six Key Components we teach our EOS clients is what we call the “People Component”. The context is that without great people, making your business vision a reality is simply not possible.

The issue lies with the definition. What makes for great people? Truth is, the definition is different for every organization. What we’re really striving for is a way to cut through all the consultant-speak about “A-Players”, “Best of the Best” etc. and determine who the Right People are for each of our clients. The Right People by EOS definition are those individuals who share and live your organization’s core values each and every day. They consistently behave and perform in ways that promote and sustain your culture. They do this without thinking because when you have the Right People, their personal values align with your organization and they just fit.

Recently I was working with a client and used the following analogy to make the point. When Herb Brooks, Head Coach of the 1980 mens olympic hockey team was tasked with picking his team, he quickly compiled a short list of players despite the fact that several hundred players had gathered for a week-long try-out where the plan was to assemble the team by committee. When his assistant coach saw the list and realized what it meant, he quickly pointed out that some of the best players were not on it. The assistant coach was confused. “Herb, you’re missing some of the best players”. To which Brooks replied, “I’m not looking for the best players, I’m looking for the right ones”.

Brooks had a crystal clear vision with a well defined goal. He had months to accomplish what had not been done by any team at any level for more than ten years. By picking the Right People and relentlessly sharing his vision, his team as we all know, achieved their goal.