This quote originated with Abraham Maslow in his work, The Psychology of Science, published in 1966. Also known as Maslow’s Hammer, the story goes that if all a boy has is a hammer, everything he sees will be in need of a pounding.

Ask yourself honestly, “Have I been pounding away at my business day after day and done anything other than simply pound harder?” Frustrating isn’t it?

Encountering this quote recently reminded me of the likely reason behind this common frustration. While well-intentioned owners genuinely try to bring ideas, processes, and systems into their companies to make them better, they have not really changed the levers necessary to create lasting improvement. In other words, they’re not equipping themselves with the right set of tools.

Every craftsman can tell you that without the right tool, your project is going to derail to one degree or another.

That is what’s different about the Entrepreneurial Operating System, or EOS. It changes the game for the long haul because it’s a complete system with simple tools designed to give owners and their leadership teams the results they believe are possible. The operative words from the preceding sentence are complete system and simple tools. I’ll address each in order.

Complete System: To achieve improved success, owners learn there are only 6 Key Components to any business. Focus and strengthen those six and the 136 fires you and your team are fighting every day will disappear. Again it’s 6 not 136.

Simple Tools: Each Key Component is strengthened using two tools and disciplines that are simple and easy to understand. No one needs an MBA. These tools are powerful. Use them diligently and correctly and the noise and distraction that is part of every day life will go away. Obstacles and impurities will have no place to hide. The people holding you back from achieving your vision will stand out. You and your team will get good at discovering the root of your issues and effective at solving them forever.

If you’ve read this far you’re likely someone who didn’t set out to create your dream only to see it struggle to reach its potential. If you’d rather strive to reach this potential, rather than being complacent with your present success, you’re not alone. In fact, it separates you from the masses and makes you unique.

Take the next step and see for yourself that using the right tools can get the job done and give you the future you see.