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If You Are the Leader, You Are the Message Part 2: What is Said but not Done

In my last post, I added thoughts on my friend and colleague Ed Callahan’s piece about the importance of leaders intentionally using a regular, disciplined process to cascade “true rumors” your organization needs to hear. It was a reminder that in addition to Ed’s suggestion, leaders need to be aware of the message they are […]

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If You Are the Leader, You Are the Message Part 1: What is Unsaid

Recently, my good friend and colleague Ed Callahan published a short article about the importance of intentionally using a regular, disciplined process to cascade “true rumors” inside your organization to help keep your people in the communication loop. It’s an excellent read.

His point is that leaders should spend time to regularly communicate the “true […]

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When Less is Really More

The editorial section of the The Wall Street Journal includes a daily cartoon titled “Pepper… and Salt” poking fun at and making a small point about daily life. The June 18, 2018 cartoon depicts a man sitting in the front seat of a new vehicle, staring ahead with a rather bewildered look on his face. […]

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Are You Winning?

There are many definitions of the word “win.” When it comes to life and business, here is my personal favorite:

To reach some destination or object, despite difficulty or toil.

Winning can be about victory or being first across the finish line, but for me, the important part of winning is when you can answer […]

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Why the Most Successful Companies Do Less

During a recent client session I asked the team, “What can we do next quarter to improve our performance on quarterly rocks?” One member said she needed to improve her ability to multitask. Caught up in the moment, I responded, “There is no such thing as multitasking; it’s a myth that some use to explain […]

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If Your Tool is a Hammer, Every Problem Looks Like a Nail

This quote originated with Abraham Maslow in his work, The Psychology of Science, published in 1966. Also known as Maslow’s Hammer, the story goes that if all a boy has is a hammer, everything he sees will be in need of a pounding.

Ask yourself honestly, “Have I been pounding away at my business day after […]

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