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Managing Today While Building Tomorrow

Early in the process of engaging with new clients, I help them understand a simple reality that all organizations must accept. It’s this: if we are to achieve our vision, we must become exceptional at managing today’s business while simultaneously building tomorrows. In this series of posts, I’m going to delve into what both of […]

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Are Your People Buying What Your Selling? Tips to Close the Deal

Most companies are obsessed with selling. In my experience, these are the successful ones. Chances are though, the lens they use when seeking to improve their sales performance faces outwards – towards the customer. Rarely does it face inward and towards the people in the company that make selling possible. I’m not just referring to […]

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What’s Your Stanley Cup?

For many people, the first signs of spring and warm weather represent the beginning of the summer season. Not so much for me. Every year the middle of June represents that new beginning. Not because the weather is usually warm and people are out and about enjoying the things that winter had locked away, but […]

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The Greater Good: 3 Ways To Foster Team Health

Most of us work inside organizations that depend greatly on the performance of groups or teams. By default, that means individual contributions while valuable, are not always equal. That’s just the way it is. This can play out in various ways, especially in organizations with multiple partners, shareholders, or owners, where each plays a different […]

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