John E. McMahon

As a life-long learner and passionate believer in the power of business to impact our lives and our world, I’ve always been drawn to ideas and principles that are grounded in the notion that success is defined not only by our achievements, but by our efforts as well. It took me a while to understand that the power of setting and achieving goals is as much or more about the journey as it is about successfully reaching the target.

As a leader in a company for over 20 years, I endeavored to bring this approach with me every day. Like most professionals, I overcame many challenges and had more than my share of good fortune. As I grew in my career and levels of responsibility, I came to realize how important it was for a leader to not dwell on the fruits of success but to constantly strive to improve just a little more. My ultimate goal was that when I finished my work, I wanted to leave behind a stronger organization than the one with which I had started.

Before I discovered EOS® in 2012, our company was in great need of remaking the way it operated. Everyone knew it. The time had come to admit that our past was not going to guarantee our future. We needed to change how we worked, how we communicated and most importantly, how we approached solving the issues holding us back from getting to the next level. We needed to define our vision for the future. It needed to be simple, clear, and easy for everyone to understand and support. We needed tools that would allow us to make that vision a reality. We needed our owners – of which I was one – to accept the challenge of becoming a healthy and functional team, and until we became one, our business would be in control of us instead of the other way around. I knew that striving for this future would take courage, leadership and persistence. I also knew that it had to be done, and that I possessed the leadership skill to do it.

EOS® gave us the tools we needed to make this transformation. While we weren’t perfect, we had for the first time clearly articulated our vision and made great progress by getting all 250 of our people rowing in the same direction. In a year with a 25% decline in revenue, we improved net income close to 40%. Our people were engaged and happy to understand how their contribution fit with the vision. It was, by any measure, one of the most successful and sustained organizational improvements ever achieved in the history of the company.

As a result of my successful experience as a leader implementing EOS, I decided that the transformational power of the system would become the focus of the next chapter of my professional career. I am now a Certified EOS Implementer, helping business owners and their leadership teams clarify, simplify, and achieve their vision.

If my story resonates with you, and you are a business owner whose life’s work and ambition is to build something greater than yourself, and desire to regain the control you used to have but no longer do, I am here to help.