“As a Certified EOS Implementer, John brings to the table more than just theory, but real world application of the EOS process gained during his COO days. That experience was invaluable with the team in building credibility and confidence on the implementation and execution of the system. He continues to be very patient while also providing additional on demand support because he partners with us, and truly makes us feel like he is committed to seeing us succeed! With his support, we have brought tremendous clarity in regards to our vision and our plan, while also increasing the level of accountability and transparency throughout our organization!”
Sejal Shah, CEO, TotalMed Staffing
“Traction and the tools associated with EOS have brought unbelievable clarity to everyone in our organization from the executive leadership team to the receptionist. Our commitment to EOS has helped simplify the imperative tasks at hand while continuing to grow at an aggressive pace. John McMahon was instrumental in his ability to guide our group through the EOS process and continues to help us facilitate discussions as we work to become EOS pure.”
Jason Beck, President, TotalMed Staffing
”I have known and worked with John for nearly fifteen years. John is a servant leader who thrives on strategy with deep understanding of the tactical. I say – without hesitation – John McMahon is as smart, ethics centered and results driven as anyone I know. Period.”
Brian Travers, CEO, Premium Retail Services